Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Lost in interpretation

Basic interpretation is on a language level. Obviously someone from Bosnia will struggle to communicate with a national of Peru without speaking a common language; but I don’t want to confuse interpretation with translation too much so let's leave that part behind for now! 

Everybody sees things in a different way; and film is prime example of this. Let me get one thing straight; you can throw ‘universal acclaim’ out of the window. This term is flawed simply because what the masses deem to be brilliant a small percentage will absolutely flatly disregard, or loath! We can thank interpretation for oddities like modern art, political correctness and Russell Brands fan club. In fact so many dynamics are involved that I’m thinking I should stop writing now and strike this blog off as a bad idea.

Somehow people who share a common language get by and achieve regardless of these obstacles. Why do you suppose that is? Well, surprisingly the answer has nothing to do with alcohol. Everybody has their own understanding, and their ‘interpretation’ forms unique goals, objectives and reasons for working with other people to achieve. You may rightly point out that the vast majority seek wealth, and you may also perceive money to be the universally understood goal. I agree, but money is not the absolute end result that humanity so tirelessly seeks... It’s happiness.

Of course people dedicate their lives to the pursuit of riches, well is that not because they believe wealth will make them happy? Happiness itself has core ingredients: 

• Self worth “Look at my personal fortune; I’m worth billions.” (To feel wanted, needed & to be recognised.) “People want what I have, and pay me all this money for it.”

• Power (People don’t want me so I’ll make them need/respect me.)

• Possessions (Cars, houses and jewellery make people feel special/of value.)

So many people are desperate to feel loved and money is the filler in for them, because for brief moments it is money that simulates the qualities of love. Human basics such as this form the foundations for our understanding of one another. This is why interpretation doesn’t stop us from achieving and working together for a common goal. 

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