Friday, 6 March 2009

A new identity shifts our horizons.

Finding your face, your image for the rest of the world is like stepping into the cosmos. Until this point you have ceased to exist in the vast world of business. The concept is intriguing and holds within it almost endless opportunity. This is the chance to do things properly, the chance to put into practice all principles that were longed for as a small cog in a large business.

This weeks’ task is promotional. The internet is obviously an immense portal to use, but this is precisely why it must be approached wisely. There are so many ways to waste an advert for your website or services. Working together we have put a lot of time into finding our target audience, making it easy for people to find us and understand what we have to offer. Obviously there are always ways to improve this but my advice to anyone wanting to be found on the internet is to make sure you understand Google. There are good reasons why they lead in their field, looking at the data that is available using some of their web based tools, it quickly becomes clear that their infrastructure is astonishing.

I always take inspiration from the organisations that have really pushed the boat out. I think that how you respond to other people’s success is down to your individual character or psychological disposition (if I may?) Love it or hate it if someone else has done something right surely it’s foolish to disregard their approach. Working on this principle our website has been optimised for Google, at least to the best of our current ability. There is an awful lot of reading available for search engine optimisation, (SEO) as its importance becomes more apparent to modern web users. If you are thinking about making your site more accessible to the casual web user I would recommend using Google Analytics, Google Trends & Google Insights. Seems to lean slightly towards one company doesn’t it? Someone must have got something right...

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