Friday, 13 March 2009

Selling an idea

Today’s society is drowning in information. Everywhere we go we’re hounded by it. Seemingly everybody wants to influence everyone else, usually in a minor way; like placing something in front of them at some point in their daily life that will catch their attention. The reasons for this are usually to sell them something but not always. 

To simply sell a product by merit seems to be getting old fashioned. Modern advertising campaigns frequently turn towards the use of subtle influence. An advert may attempt to drop some scene or identity into the consciousness of the general public. This product will cause them to be ‘accepted’ or get them noticed. Playing on peoples’ insecurities is by no means a new idea. However, the very same industry often manufactures the problems that it offers to solve. Indeed the modern media know how to press our buttons,  this is largely because they've worked hard to create them.

These techniques can be used in positive, harmless ways. Creating ‘positive association’ is a powerful tool, ultimately what ever it is that you offer customers, they need to associate it with the right things. For example, most people associate the ipod with music, even though it has no such connotations in its name. This is because of a successful advertising campaign that brought about their popularity, as well as an aesthetically appealing design and perceived ease of use.

If you can effectively cause people to link your brand name with the products or services that you provide then you’re already on your way to being a winner. To create a product of real substance and longevity that will sell solely by merit; this ‘association’ needs to be backed up with solidarity and customer care. Sadly that's why it's becoming less popular.

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