Wednesday, 4 March 2009

A revolution begins!

A snowy week brings incredible opportunity. 

We gather in the office for the first time after discussing the opportunity to work on our own terms. It seems too good to be true; two of us have been made redundant from a business hit hard in the current financial climate. The other is a commercial pilot with a lot of time available between flights. Seems like a pretty strange mix right? Well, odd as it sounds; we all share the same interest and passion for great design.

First things first, we need a name. Everybody takes the best names; you can jump out of your seat with what seems (to you) to be the best thing since the suns warm rays hit this green planet, except some Joe has registered that domain already. Often it’s just a squatter waiting expectantly for someone to empty a treasure chest of richest in their lap. We tried everything from looking at our ethos to ogling at the instructions on a fire extinguisher. Then there’s what people associate with the name that you want to use. This is a deadly mine field of misinterpretation. What is known to you and your peers as something cool is understood to be a medical condition by someone else. It becomes all too easy to start considering the ideas in the ‘not so good’ list but that is when we checked ourselves and took a break from the anguish that is; choosing your own branding! Roll on next week, that's what I say...

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